Saturday, July 23, 2011

Late Night Shivers

I can hear the ticking of water dripping around 3am last night...i was alone..all my dorm mates neighbour area some busy playing computer games and some sleep soundless like a baby... the sound of the broken ceiling fan the room in front of my room are dominating the corridor and echoed till the end.. i was in between..

i went to the toilet to wash my feet before going to sleep.. and then i heard a very tiny and slow "tok.. tok.. tok" far end.. my eyes was rolling to the right..i dont dare to rotate my head 90 degree.. then i tried to see from the reflection of the mirror to see.. there was nothing there.. im sure there is no one inside.. only me and some micro creatures..
then i walk towards the closed-door toilet... so called to investigate.. i try to push the door but it was locked.. locked tightly.. then.. again.. "tok.. tok.. tok" fused together with the sound of dripping of the water from the toilet tank..

i was scared in the same time was sleepy.. but i didnt ran.. i walk out the toilet like i used to be.. maybe it was only my feeling.. but im sure what i heard.. what lies behind the closed-door is remain unknown...

Where is the Love

Hi u.. how are u? Can u listen to the beat of my heart and the restlessness when i see u..? i dont know if u know or pretend of not knowing.. i dont dare to talk and express my feeling towards u.. i know i may lose u one day, but plz make me happy.. i know u can see from my eyes and the way i treat u.. i dont want to make u uncomfortable and thats y i am not trying hard to search or in contact with u.. giving u space..

and now, i realize that i dont really know what love is... because i think it is wrong to love and it is wrong not to love..