Saturday, October 2, 2010

20 Questions

1. What is Your Name?
- Daryl
2. Current Song?  
- If I die Young
3. Current Mood?
4. One thing your happy about right now?
- No exams
5. One thing your unhappy about? 
- Loneliness
6. Can you do a handstand? 
7. Where are you right now?  
- In my room
8. What was the last website you visited before doing this survey?
9. Last thing you ate?  
-Nasi Ayam at Nelz and Marshall's room
10. Do you believe in ghosts?  
- Yes
11. Do you believe in heaven? 
12. If there was one, would you get in?  
- Yea.. i hope so
13. Have you read all the Harry Potter books? 
-No.. too thick
14. What was the last thing you said? 
-Bye and goodluck to Begono
15. Current crush? 
-No I dont have
16. When was the last time you ate a hamburger? 
- 2months ago
17. What's your last class of the day? 
-Anatomy and Physiology
18. Last time you saw your best friend? 
- Couple of hours ago
19. Current Song now?
-Sam Tsui- Just the way you are
20.  Do you believe in true love?
-Yes.. Totally

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