Friday, October 1, 2010

Reaching for our dreams

Some people say that we need to reach for our dreams.. but have you ever thought of reaching or aiming it high?
Dreams are pure thought. It is an opportunity to let us to discovery ourselves... Without dreams, there is no reality..

There are 3 types of a dreamer.. :-
1st) a person who always day-dreaming. Dreaming for something but no action. its like waiting the sky to fall.. *useless and impossible*

2nd) a person that dreams in his/her sleep. Occurs while we are sleeping. its is our subconscious mind still keeps on working because of incomplete events in our life...bla bla bla *but it remains mystery*

3rd) a person that is hoping, wanting,trying, and chasing their own dreams. they work hard and let their "hands-dirty" in the process of reaching their dreams..

To be frank, I posses all 3... Yes.. i do day-dream... dreaming the very impossible to occur.. im scared to step in and taking risk..i like to have unrealistic expectations but i do believe in them.. my mind is fooling me but i realize that i am living in a real world.. a real one.. so sometimes i keep that dreams aside but still holding to it hoping that one day i can have it on my own....


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