Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is It a Crush Or Really Love....?

Crush is liking someone and you get nervous when you see them and it's mostly attraction and lust.  It is also unexplainable by words. A crush is a form of love *just temporary. It's the kind of feeling that hits you one day and you will start thinking about that person a lot and maybe daydreaming of what it would be like to be with that person.

I think love is when you really like someone for who they are. They always make you happy when you see them, and you always want to try to make them happy too. It just that a crush and love have lots in comment but the only thing is that love don't fade away as easily as a crush does.

When you have a crush you think you love them, but after a while if you don't tell him/her and you're not showing that you have any interest in him/her it'll just fade away faster than you think it would. As for love, it doesn't go that easily.

There is also a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. I love a lot of people - for who they are, how I feel when I'm around them, and the respect I have for the person. I'm only in love with one person.
It is not a feeling that can easily be described.
There is an underlying feeling that you are "in it" together  and you trust that this person is always looking out for your best interest, as you do theirs.
Then there's the passion sometimes it's stronger than other times and it changes as the relationship grows, but is always a part of your life.

Crushes usually happen to younger people who are still growing and learning about themselves. To experience true and deep love, they need to know and love themselves before they can truly love another person.

So, ask yourself... Is it a crush or really love...

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