Saturday, October 2, 2010

L O V E edition

This time its very hard to write about love.. very hard topic but i have a lot to share..more complicated than
anatomy but easier than maths *benci maths*..
You will know the real meaning of love when you fall in love. because there is no words that can describe what love really is..

from my point of view, love is love.. that is the reason i wake up in the morning and continue my day.. i am
looking forward everyday, " will i found my love today?" or simple as " i want to look good to atract love".. this is a thought from a single person.. but what do couples think? i guess that couple that is really in love share everything with each other.. and yes, that is the way it is... no lies!

Yes.. and yes.. love makes me happy.. but will it last forever?
I never knew what love really means before.. im speaking from my heart that full of denial of love.. i always avoid love because i dont want to get hurt.. love makes me sharp in thinking and make me more sensitive..
sometimes i envy in movies where couple cuddle and make love, and bla2.. many people critize that .."eee.. si daryl jiwang kalo tingu movie cinta.. daryl suka kissing2..." then, after i think betul2.. why we should a shame of love?

I think i may found my love.. but i dont know if that person is that person.. but for sure that person is my 1st love *never felt like this before..."makes me crazy and thinking of you all the time... 15mins of meeting or texting with you pun good enough already.."


Im grateful to get the chance to visit the city of love.. Paris.. (sorry dont have the picture here).. Took couple of hours from London to Paris by Eurostar (train-service)..
When i went there, i never thought of the price of love.. watching from TV, Paris is the center of fashion.. so.. i mcm looking forward, manatau terjumpa supermodel or any actors was never at the back of my mind..
i got the chance to visit the well-known Eiffle Tower..the significant and main attraction of Paris.. didnt get the chance naik to the top.. because people lining up and never ends more than a thousand of people...

Sitting under the Eiffle tower (its a beautiful garden with benches) with my family and family friends , i can see couple kissing (*if in M'sia suda kena tangkap*), sharing ice-cream and whispering to each other ears...
*ice-cream cost like RM25-30 in Paris.. yes i did taste it.. =)
The view from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower is good enough already because was amazed by the architecture.

After like staying there for 4 days. I really can feel the love and fashion and appriecating old monumens.. you can feel the envy that people are loving each other from lesbian love, gay love and normal ones because they love each other and walk side by side when they pass by and holding hands.. then its really funny when i think back how love can makes us.. (CRAZY!)..

Last time, I wanted "medicine" that stop love because loves make me miserable and heart broken.. but until end of the world pun love is around... (*im too negative about love last time)... it is because i am a teenager that percaya love bulat2.. then lepas tu, kena ambil kesempatan... kecewa mau mati!!

But time help me to grow..  and now.. i view love in different ways.. I'm grateful that love is with me all the time.. but to meet love,i will never know...

I am neutral about love.. because Ive seen the bright side and the dark side of love.....

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