Saturday, October 2, 2010

5 things I knew For Sure

* 5 things I knew for sure in life

1) every beginning has its end
2) in life we have choices to make.. and the choice will relfect who you are
3) to achieve well in life we need BALANCE
4) life is all about taking chances.. success and failure that u may encounter, is undefined
5) "never too late" for anything

*5 Things i knew for sure in looking good

1) less is more ( not in the sense of going out with underwear)
2) mix vintage with bright colours
3) the higher u do ur hair, makes it close to GOD..
4) to look super good u need to sacrifice.. no pain no gain..
5) self-confidence tops off expensive clothes

*5 things i knew for sure in loving somebody

1) in relationship there is no rules
2) never betray each others trust
3) giving space is important
4) if 1 is angry yelling, the other keeps quiet
5) sex is not everything.. u need sometimes to cuddle in front of the TV, have candlelight dinner or simply
    giving each other ice cream..lolz..

*5 things i knew for sure in friendship

1) never keep secret with each other
2) if u have something in mind just say it to ur friend, they may figure out how to solve it..
3) accept ur friends they way they are.. dont ever force them to change..
4) share "stuff" that can be shared only.. ( u know what i mean)
5) a true friend will be there with u no matter what.. sad, in anger, joy or just having normal feelings..

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