Saturday, October 2, 2010

Patience Pays Off!!

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances or which you can wait for things. But personally, whats ur level of "patienceness"? In life i realize that patience really essential and it is a survival "tools" to make sure we are out from trouble..

For love, i have nothing much to say because i am the type that is stupidly awaits for that particular person to say it 1st lolz..  It does sounds ridiculous but its fact about me.. i don't dare to make the 1st move because scared of rejection and humiliation..Even though some people say that u need to act now b4 ur love is taken, but for me i will not say a word i like this person so and so.. i rather die with this longing in my heart...*mmg mcm coward but what to do this is me..*

For this moment, things doesnt go well as the flow..but i say to myself, what will i get if i gaduh with this person? will i gain benefits? will i get self-proudness? or will it satisfy me if i fight with this person?... deep in my heart mmg totally annoying.. super duper irritating.. bila hearing this particular person's voice mmg blood boiling and i felt like vomiting maggi mee.. Sometimes this particular person action is trying to mock me but i say.. what the hell... i dont care... buat la apa ko suka..
mmg its not good for health, mentality and emotion keeping such feeling, but i dont like fighting or  start a war.. so i just take it easy, let time heals and sticking to my friends..

actually, it is up to an individual how they control themselves... the key is self-control... 
DONT ACT BASED ON FEELINGS..USE BRAIN TO THINK NOT OUR HEART..(heart is for pumping blood to our body system..)

1) Patience makes me strong in receiving criticism and help me to build good self-control...
2)Patience helps me to maintain good relationship with my parents, close friends and relatives (although some 
   ppl could be that anooying.. no one is perfect)
3)Patience asked me to smile when i have something in my mind that needed me to wait..


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