Friday, October 8, 2010

This Is For You Guys

This is for my dearest friends..

My life isn't that complete without you all.. My everyday life is great and full of new experience that i encounter so far...Life would be boring and lonely without you all. I just want to say thanks that you've have given me such a wonderful experience to live...

We've been through everything togther in happiness and sadness..
Time has gone so fast without us realizing it..

This is not a goodbye note.But this is a note that I want to treasure all the memories in my life...

This is especially for my mopongou friends, my beloved classmates, and my best friendssss forever and ever that I've met, to my seniors (aunties,uncle.cousin).
To my UiTM friends that I've spent 1 and a half year knowing I really miss u guys....

I really wanted to express my gratitude that I'm surrounded by most beautiful people in thier own ways. They helped me to grow and be a better person..

Words cannot say express about this experience really is... Camera captures everything....


  1. wow... so touching...! tp sa suka gmbar yg ada muka sa la... haha

  2. hahha... ko punya bila lagi mau update?
    ndak sabar sya mau baca 2 become 1 enemy... hahha

  3. msih dlm process..nda lma sa lg post.. tgh correct grammar.. :P

  4. aq ska ni post coz....coz ada pic aq..1