Friday, October 1, 2010

Introduction of New Discovery

Actually, I'm not sure whats going on...
But I assume this blog is like a diary for me, that voice out my inner voice and thought.. a place thats mine and express freely..
Was inspire by my friends San, Casey and Jets.. Also ways to keep contact with each other.. cause the are so called Mopongou.. *sampai disini ba.. lolz*

I am super duper newbie and trying to explore..

I named my blog A walk of Night and Days because in life, I learn that we need to have balance.. (Yin Yang).. it is also signifies the cycle of life and sometime in critical thinking> Karma... Besides, Moon and Sun for me signifies personality that may change seasonally.. its like rain or sunny.. we cannot predict it... Sometimes as normal or unique human, we have alter ego and some says double personality..and be gald to have it.. may help us in unpredictable situation.. (something u can think about)



  1. welcum cyg..=) ody followed urs k

  2. hehe. ok no prob. together2 we become mopongou. kih3

  3. lolz.. baru nampak comment2 kamu ni.. hahah kamu top3 yg follow.. congratz.. ajar sya lagi ah apa yg patut buat... msi blur2 nie